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Programing Without Code?

Posted by madsman - December 4th, 2012

Hey guys!

I've been hunting around for a few good tutorials on Flash or better ActionScript, the unique computer language used to code in flash make flash videos or games (Or more specifically 'Interactive Videos') These last 3-4 years i've spent on the hunt for tutorials have been tiresome and pretty much down right pointless. Although I did come across one website that helped greatly compared to anything else, the help it provided me with was still simply not enough, because it didn't start from the basics. I began to realise that to learn flash, you must know flash, Meaning only those who know it do and they don't teach others from scratch.

However, if you are in a similar situation I have 2 great sugestions for you.
1). Stencyl
2). Me


Ok so now I may have confused you abit, let's just get right down into it. Stencyl is a program you can download free off of the net here: Link. It allows you to code in flash by youself, with help or even without coding at all. Instead of writing out code, you snap together different coloured jigsaure pieces and they make the code for you behind the scene automatically. However you'd probably want to follow the two crash courses to get you started or else the whole thing would still seem confusing.

Stencyl not only comes with unristricted rights to make the Flash game of your dreams but also allows you to make IOS Games for Apple products such as the iPod, iPhone & iPad. There is a ristriction on the App making part though, but im not sure what it is as im just sticking with flash at the moment.

Tip: I you jigsuar pieces to put together the code and then go directly into the code itself to learn it there too.


I'd be happy to help, I'm working with a couple of people at the moment making games and I also have alot of time on my hands so if you wanna make a game but don't wanna do the programming, message me. All I requir is that you provide me with the art and sounds, and I'll make it move. That's it. Beware though that Art & Sound is not as easy as it looks, art can be anything from just one character being idle, jumping, shooting, dieing, swimming... both left and right too backgrounds and upgrades. This is the same with sound, you not only want various tracks of music for the main menu, loading screen, shop or whatsever and different levels and cutscenes but you also want all of the Sound FX.

Tip: If you want to do this then message me, but it's best to have a fairly decent plan in your head first, and on paper come to think of it, plan plan plan and the final project wont take long to do at all.


Hope this helps all those who want to make a game, whether you want to program or not. If you wanna make a game with another person other than myself, post a thread in the commment and give some detail in what people you want and the roles they'll play. I'm sure any true Newgrounds member would be happy to help.


Have fun creating,

P.S: I am in no way affilated with Adobe, Stencyl, Apple or any other company mentioned here or any rival company of
them and post this purely to help others and not for advertisment or abuse of any kind.