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I love gaming, on console or my PC. I build, program and find anything to do with computer enjoyable and relaxing. I'm also becoming a well known filmmaker on Youtube under the name: noobwithacamera 'Madsman' was an error that stuck and is my nickname

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Posted by madsman - May 28th, 2013

guys & girls!

So , I've been making and remixing abit of music latly. What do you think of it? Am I good/getting better, or the oppersite? Should I make this a more regular thing? I want to here your views, because afterall, if I wanted to keep my music to myself, it wouldn't be on newgrounds :D! So let me know what you think about the whole thing.

Also i'd like to say a quick 'Thank You!' to all my supporters, I don't do it as often as I should.


Posted by madsman - February 22nd, 2013

Hi everyone!

Check out this Link and let me know what you think. I was bored mucking around with audio and i came up with this.


Posted by madsman - February 20th, 2013

Hi everyone!

So I had that wierd feeling we all have where you want to create something randomly but had no idea what to create. I opened up a paint document and started to drawn random pixle art. I ended up draning a miltary jeep. I then expanded so there were two versions of it. I also added various wall segments and sand bags, 4 variations of a personel transport truck and about 10 variations of a gun boat, life boats and stuff. lastly i created a dude. I'm extremely happy with the result so im going to continue work on it. When I feel I get to the end of it and am satisfied with the army, i'll sprite them all properly so that they all have detailed animations and i'll post it here on newgrounds.

If you wanna know when this is done so you can see it, post a comment and i'll PM you when its done.
If you wanna use this in a game or are thinking about it, your welcome too as long as you give me credit. :)
Anyone have a pixel art request? Post it, and i'll get on it ASAP.

Peace out!

P.S: I can only upload 1 pic per post so i did the one with everything but the ships, rather than only the ships. Guess it means you still have alot to look forward to though, lol.

Military Sprite Sheet

Posted by madsman - February 10th, 2013

Hi all!
I am looking for a part to play. I don't mind if it's paid, but that would be greatly appreciated of course, lol.

I am an english teenager and although i don't think of myself as much of a posh person, i sound more formal than the average guy. I can make my voice vary alot but work best of imitations of other characters or ideas rather than based on accents. For example, I can do a good Solid Snake impression.

If you'd like to hear a sample or try me out, just send me a message of a few sentances you want me to say, in what wort of voice and invite me to a project so that i can share the files with you (I'll also do them in my normal voice so you know how i sound normally)

I look forward to your replies,

Posted by madsman - December 26th, 2012

Hi Guys,

It turns out that the playlists work for all submissions, which is GREAT, also did you know that some of the buttons on Newgrounds were affected by this and so were unusable?(Mostly Submission buttons for the audio portal.) However don't worry, it's now thourght to have been completely sorted by the newgrounds R&D Team.

Whats your thourghts on this? Did I miss anything out? Feel free to comment below.


Posted by madsman - December 21st, 2012

Hi guys!

As some of you will know, Playlists for the sudio portal are something thats been planned for a while now and i'm glad to say it's finally here! I hav't tested them out yet so i'll get back to you on a full on review however, this was announced recently by it's developer:

At 12/20/12 06:01 PM, liljim wrote:
: Okay, so this has been a while in coming, but you can now create playlists. I imagine this'll come in most handy for audio artists to start with, but you can put any submission in there and users can pick and choose what they want from your list. If there are audio entries in there, the users can cycle through them. You can shuffle the lists around however you like.
: To start a list, just find any entry you like, click the playlist icon, enter a title. Then go find other entries and either add them to that list, or create another to add it to.
: You can check one I put together (currently at the top of) my userpage.
: Yes; there will be bugs (which you can list), we do plan on adding a lot more functionality, etcetera, etcetera. But consider that an early Christmas gift!

Finally, we'd all like to hear your views on this so drop a comment down below to let us know what you think!

Hope this helps,

Posted by madsman - December 16th, 2012

Hi everyone,

I've breifly used a program to create small tracks called FruityLoops.
So far I havn't put much effort into it, I havn't looked up any tutorials and hav'nt got that familiar with how it all works.
I was just wondering if anyone here uses FruityLoops? There are some great audio submissions on Newgrounds And was wondering if anyone used FruityLoops to create them or even just to create game loops, I will probably only create loops for my games because im more of a coder. Overall though, I just wanted to know if it is worth using FruityLoops and really getting into it or whether I should go with another program instead?

So far all i've been able to do is create a drum loop, I was wondering if it's posible to create guitar sounds and bass sounds and that, or whether you have to record that through a real guitar? Either won't make much of a difference to me becaouse I do have an electric guitar and can play too. Also EpicRapBattlesOfHistory supposedly use FruityLoops...

Last but not least, I wanna know your views on this. Have you used FruityLoops before and how does it compare to any other programs that you've used as well? If you've made any audio before with FruityLoops then heres also a chance to promote/advertise your audio/game submission here, I wanna know what you can achieve with it and so will others reading this. Please comment to give your views, include links if you want too.


Posted by madsman - December 12th, 2012

Hello there!

You may have seen that new icon in the top left of your screen closest to you username, well that newgrounds social. It was added a few days ago and is much like the 'contact' system already in place but much more in-depth, customisable and works more like a friends list.


Go ahead and click it, you'll see different groups of friends and the ability to customise them. I deleted the one named 'Family' and made a new one called 'Freinds & Family' of which i add all of the people from newgrounds that I know in real life. I use the 'Co-Workers' one to add people from newgrounds that I have and/or will work with on submissions in the future.

Adding friends is a little different from a normal sterio-typical friends list. As far as I know, there is no way to directly just add a friend. however this is how i've been doing it. I first add someone as a contact, then go to the newgrounds social area and 'import contacts' i select the contact(s) I want as a friend and choose which friend group to add it too. You can only add a friend to one group, this is because once you add someone to a group, you cannot add them to any other group as their name disapears from the 'import contacts' section.

When adding contacts, there are no groups, no requests that the other user must confirm, making this easier to do over a short period of time. However, newgrounds social is great in the way of customisation, I' heard there were some changes and improvements to be done to the site soon but I honestly did not see this coming. I have heard rumors, that Tom Fulp and his Team are going to add some sort of playlist feature for the audio submissions. Going by the customisational abilty of Newgrounds Social, (That I hadn't heard of) The customisability of the playlists will hopefully be just as brilliant seeing as they have been mentioned. I eagerly await these playlists, Do you?


Let me know what you all think on this.
- How is Newgrounds Social?
- What are your thoughts on Playlists?

Thanks for reading,

Posted by madsman - December 4th, 2012

Hey guys!

I've been hunting around for a few good tutorials on Flash or better ActionScript, the unique computer language used to code in flash make flash videos or games (Or more specifically 'Interactive Videos') These last 3-4 years i've spent on the hunt for tutorials have been tiresome and pretty much down right pointless. Although I did come across one website that helped greatly compared to anything else, the help it provided me with was still simply not enough, because it didn't start from the basics. I began to realise that to learn flash, you must know flash, Meaning only those who know it do and they don't teach others from scratch.

However, if you are in a similar situation I have 2 great sugestions for you.
1). Stencyl
2). Me


Ok so now I may have confused you abit, let's just get right down into it. Stencyl is a program you can download free off of the net here: Link. It allows you to code in flash by youself, with help or even without coding at all. Instead of writing out code, you snap together different coloured jigsaure pieces and they make the code for you behind the scene automatically. However you'd probably want to follow the two crash courses to get you started or else the whole thing would still seem confusing.

Stencyl not only comes with unristricted rights to make the Flash game of your dreams but also allows you to make IOS Games for Apple products such as the iPod, iPhone & iPad. There is a ristriction on the App making part though, but im not sure what it is as im just sticking with flash at the moment.

Tip: I you jigsuar pieces to put together the code and then go directly into the code itself to learn it there too.


I'd be happy to help, I'm working with a couple of people at the moment making games and I also have alot of time on my hands so if you wanna make a game but don't wanna do the programming, message me. All I requir is that you provide me with the art and sounds, and I'll make it move. That's it. Beware though that Art & Sound is not as easy as it looks, art can be anything from just one character being idle, jumping, shooting, dieing, swimming... both left and right too backgrounds and upgrades. This is the same with sound, you not only want various tracks of music for the main menu, loading screen, shop or whatsever and different levels and cutscenes but you also want all of the Sound FX.

Tip: If you want to do this then message me, but it's best to have a fairly decent plan in your head first, and on paper come to think of it, plan plan plan and the final project wont take long to do at all.


Hope this helps all those who want to make a game, whether you want to program or not. If you wanna make a game with another person other than myself, post a thread in the commment and give some detail in what people you want and the roles they'll play. I'm sure any true Newgrounds member would be happy to help.


Have fun creating,

P.S: I am in no way affilated with Adobe, Stencyl, Apple or any other company mentioned here or any rival company of
them and post this purely to help others and not for advertisment or abuse of any kind.

Posted by madsman - November 24th, 2012

I think one thing that bugs me is not knowing whether someone has replied to one of my news, or furom posts.
I think it would be great to get a notification whenever this happens. There should be a number on the notifications button on the top of the screen too, this tells you how many new notifications you have. Also i think it should be customizable so that you can choose which notifications you get for example:

-Get when a post is made in the furom you posted in
-get a post only when your post is replied too
-Recieve notifications from favorite users about music?
- " films?
- " Games?

Let me know what you think, and maybe if enough people agree, something will be done about it soon.