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Newgrounds Social?

Posted by madsman - December 12th, 2012

Hello there!

You may have seen that new icon in the top left of your screen closest to you username, well that newgrounds social. It was added a few days ago and is much like the 'contact' system already in place but much more in-depth, customisable and works more like a friends list.


Go ahead and click it, you'll see different groups of friends and the ability to customise them. I deleted the one named 'Family' and made a new one called 'Freinds & Family' of which i add all of the people from newgrounds that I know in real life. I use the 'Co-Workers' one to add people from newgrounds that I have and/or will work with on submissions in the future.

Adding friends is a little different from a normal sterio-typical friends list. As far as I know, there is no way to directly just add a friend. however this is how i've been doing it. I first add someone as a contact, then go to the newgrounds social area and 'import contacts' i select the contact(s) I want as a friend and choose which friend group to add it too. You can only add a friend to one group, this is because once you add someone to a group, you cannot add them to any other group as their name disapears from the 'import contacts' section.

When adding contacts, there are no groups, no requests that the other user must confirm, making this easier to do over a short period of time. However, newgrounds social is great in the way of customisation, I' heard there were some changes and improvements to be done to the site soon but I honestly did not see this coming. I have heard rumors, that Tom Fulp and his Team are going to add some sort of playlist feature for the audio submissions. Going by the customisational abilty of Newgrounds Social, (That I hadn't heard of) The customisability of the playlists will hopefully be just as brilliant seeing as they have been mentioned. I eagerly await these playlists, Do you?


Let me know what you all think on this.
- How is Newgrounds Social?
- What are your thoughts on Playlists?

Thanks for reading,