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hahaha nice work, keep it up!

Kwing responds:

Thanks, I shall!

Nice and smooth throuhgout.
Fast enough for a stick figure fight, which is what most people get wrong, but you made it fast and slow enough to follow.
Would love to see some stand alone scene abit longer than this one. I hope this will happen as this is a 'practice'.

Well done,

Kwing responds:

Thanks, thus far Blades is the only really decent animation I've done.


i wasn't expecting that...

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Well done!

Definitely an interesting idea, and it's nice to see that you've developed upon it. I enjoyed the upgrades system but think that you need to better the intro. The intro itself is fine, but seeing as the game's name starts with 'Auto' I thought for a minute that it meant automatic. Just a simple black screen with the words 'One day..' etc. would probably solve this for me.

I did however encounter a few bugs. The upgrades screen would reopen almost every time I tried to close it(This obviously got a bit annoying). Then my game play was halted when my character jumped in the air after dying, and did not return to show the main menu.

Overall I loved it, being a 3D games developer myself, it's nice to see someone working in flash, truely unique.

good but an AI and music would finish it.

is it just me or are only half the medals working?
I couldnt get the mission 1&2 but could get the mission3 which is hilarious.
I also couldnt get the 10k score medal.

Other than that i think the game is good, a little challanging which is good, but maybe a diffculty setting would help for those who find this easy or who don't

Keep it up,

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The Scores you have been getting say it better than one guy ever could, that this song is pretty awesome.
1+favorate and follow

Keep up the good work,

Xtrullor responds:

Will do!

Its great, and thats why it seams too short. just put it on loop or make your own remix.
Problem solved XD

Keep it up!

Surprised it hasn't been fetured in any games or films yet.
it's great and each time i listen i think of a completely different scenario it could be used in, which means its greatly universal.

Keep up the good work,

SupraDarky responds:

I'd be definitely curious to see this used in a movie or a game. Thanks!

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Love the artwork, i can't wait till the game comes out you've been working on.

I too am doing a few bits here and there for art but it seems to take me ages, I notice you said this took you 'literally' a couple of minutes. I was wonding what program you use or if you use some kind of hardware, plus could you say whether you use this on PC or MAC because of compatability issues...

I've heard of people use pad looking pieces of hardware and was wondering whether this is what you used seeing as it looks nice and sketch like without looking messy as a reel life sketch.

Keep up the hard work,

Tishe responds:

Well, for this I used ArtRage and a graphics tablet, but it was more of a doodle than anything, I recommend Photoshop or Flash depending on the art style you want. (photoshop is more diverse but animating more diverse art can take a long time)

Anyway, thanks for commenting it means a lot to me! I wish you the best with the art! :)


i love the description. it could meen so many things about the pic and made me think, also
''I love those happy little heads''
(Quote from film: madagasca)



dommi-fresh responds:

nah the original is better.

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