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Posted by madsman - November 24th, 2012

I have seen alot of people abusing others through news post and reviews. It seems that not much gets done when reporting reviews, but i think not only should that be improved, but we should be able to report basically any of the content someone puts up.

Let me know what you think, i hope im not the only one that feels this way lol,

Posted by madsman - November 22nd, 2012

Hey guys,

I'd like to just quickly say this on the topic of govenment. This is why I believe that a form of communism is best for humanity, but wait one second! Commmunism failed! Right you are take a few minutes of your time to read this explaning why I believe some sort of communism IS the best form of government and how it's basic idea isn't as bad as it seems. P.S: I do not vote, I never have done and never will and that is because I don't believe there to be a point.
Read more for info.

The idea of communism is that a group of people would report from different areas of the country and give the public opion in a publicly held meeting. This means they'd decide what's best for the country however, they would take opions from the random general public and represent them rather than decide on their behalf. The opinions would then be bourght to a conclutions publicly (prehaps on T.V?) and that would be their form of govenment. This means they would come to have no real leader AND ran intirely off of the direct unbias public opinion. A great and fair system.

Because the communist revolution was built almost completely from farmers and factory workers, hence the Sickle & Hammer, their main goal was to make the country a better place for the poorer people without mistreating the rich people. Their conclusion was then, give everyone the same. all of the countries money was planned to be put into one giant pot (if you like) and then divided equally. This meant mainly 2 things:

1). No class system, which resulted in absolutly no starvation or going without neccessities.
2). Better jobs, people would be able to go for any job they wanted to, their ideal one, without having to worry that it wont have enough income or that the job is so well paid that it is out of their reach.

The word communism (or commmunis in latin) literally means = Common, or Universal

Now comes the interesting bit. Take a step back from which ever type of rulership that you live in. Now think about communism, it's probably closest to the perfect form of govenment human's can get. It would be nice if this worked out in the long run, but why didn't it? Simply put: Greed.

The leader of therevolution had good idea's and motives, however just as communism came into power, he died. I think he was named Karl Marx or was it Lenin? Anyway this story doesn't revolve around names. Stalin took over, and he was greedy. When the revolution was over and communism had finally won over Russia, Stalin didn't put into play the public voice idea and barely had a 'counsel of representatives' if you like. He gradually became a ruler over them much like the USA and England where there is a group of people but a single ruler is over them and gets last say. This is to the point of greed Stalin got before people questioned it, and rightly so. Starlin became so power hungary and Greed that he became a worse ruler than the Czar (like a russian king) that they overthrew!

At this point we could go either of 2 ways:
-We could for 1 start comparing America with communism and start talking about the Cold War and the Vietnam war, which personally I think where trying to achieve a correct goal but doing it wrongly.
-However we'll take this root and stay on the same point we asked earlier which is in bold if you wanna quickly refere back and reread for a second.

So as we've addressed. Communism IS a great way to live, the perfect way even. but, and this is a really big but, humans are way too greedy. Greedy humans have a nack to getting what they want because they speciallize in it the ability to get whatever you could want is the stem of greed. Humans are just way too imperfect to live a perfect way of life.

Look at your current form of govenment, mines capatalism as I live in England at the moment. Have you noticed how no matter whoever the comes in to power, they never do any good for the country? This is because they are greedy. Earlier we spoke about greed people having a nack for getting what they want out of determination. Well the leaders that get into power do so because they are more greedy and determined than their oponants. Yet when they get into power, the thing they say they where going to do don't happen, ever. This is because now they can do what they want, because they've achieved gaining the ability to do anything, their care for others disappears because of greed. I hear that in some countries, the leader makes children salute and sing the national anthem in front of the national flag. Children. And they're praising some human that they've never met, they're tourght at school that this human is like their god. But they're not, they're both humans, is that not greed? Greedy people have such a lust for power that it's all that they want and that alone puts them in power, giving them their every wish. I hear also that some countries leaders telling their people that
"they can achieve anything, if they truly want to"
This is what these greed people learn, because it's true.

So before we get too side tracted.
Human imperfection, resulting in greed, is the only thing that stops communism from being successful. Just think about that for a minute before you move on.

Great so now we've established that point, if your gonna remember anything from this, remember the following question:
Should humans rule over eachother if they're all imperfect?

Hope you enjoyed, it sure is a thinker!

Posted by madsman - November 20th, 2012

Hey Guys!

Recently i've been doing some co-work/voice acting for a game that I think a bunch of you would enjoy.

I'm sure your all familiar with the game 'Simon Says'?
Whether you've played it as a kid at school copying your teacher or doing what they say to the best of your ability or whether you've played the handheld gadget which typically has four buttons that flash and you copy the sequences.
Nevertheless most people have heard of it. Well Blind Man's Simon is version of this game taken to new hights, a new level even.

The pricable idea of the game is the same, except with a wierd yet wonderful twist, your blind. It's not that you play a blind character, it's that the screen is black, and you go through the game purely by listening. Have a go at it and see how far you end up getting!

The other versions of the game where said to improve your memory, but surely Blind Simon Says would improve your memory even more so because of the fact that your going on only your hearing and not also your sight. This means you'd have to consentrate twice as hard. But do take your time as one thing I found constantly made me lose was that as the game progress to a point where the sequences were long in lengh, I would rush to type in the sequence and stuble because of that. Indead, slow and steady wins the race as there isn't a time limit.

Oi! To have more fun with this game, don't cheat. You'll get the best out of it by not writing down the sequence, but who am I to judge. Cheat if you wish but for the best experience I recommend instead, pressing F11 to 'fullscreen' the browser and clicking the 'Lights off' button on the top right of the gaming box. This'll improve your concentration as there's nothing else to draw away your attention.

Check this game out here:
Blind Mans Simon

Don't forget to Rate the game and comment!


Posted by madsman - September 12th, 2012

I'm currently in the planning stages for a project i'm going to be making in FlashDevelop.
Although I'd do not know much about ActionScript and cannot find a list of all the commands on the internet,
If anyone knows ANYTHING about the ActionScript computer language, your contribution will be greatly appreciated.